About Us


Mr. Dinesh Patel (M.D) has sound knowledge of the production of good quality seeds. After years of experience, research and facing so many difficulties he thought to established a company to provide good quality seeds to farmers.

In 2010, we establish Nissan Seeds Pvt. Ltd with a goal of providing best and unique solution in seeds production. The company’s main motto is to help farmers to get high productive seeds at lowest cost.

Director Mr. P. J. Patel holds doctorate in  Agriculture and gives plays major role in the production of quality hybrid seeds.

Other directors of company Mr .P. G .Mendha, Mr. K .B .Patel, Mr. M .K .Patel, Mr .H. J . Vadhavana, and Mr. V .R .Sisodiya are key person for company’s direction towards new generation technologies and latest farming techniques.

We noticed that most of the companies, provides less information of their products and correct farming techniques. Even those given information are in English language only. Most Indian farmers are not much familiar with English language and so they fail to get proper information. This results in less production.

As a solution we started a section called “Latest Farming Techniques”, where we will provide all related information in most common languages. This will help farmers to get better knowledge of their seeds and techniques to get most possible production out of it.

Our expert team aims to provide best quality products and best techniques to get high production.

One of our company’s policy is “No compromise in quality at any cost.”.

Always check Nissan trust symbol before purchase.

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