Product Details: Season Rabi season Preferred land Flat black & loamy soils are suitable Plant Height 35-45Cms Stem colour & Thickness Green brown stem & medium thick Plant Branches Lots of branches Diameter 25-35Cms Days of Flower 55-60 Days Oil content A very high percentage of scented oils Days to maturity 105-115 Days area […]

Double Tiger

  Product Details: Season Kharif season Preferred land Irrigation & Non Irrigation areas Plant Height 5-7 feet Trunk colour & Thickness Red stem and high thick Plant Branches Lots of branches & Branches Starts from bottom of plant Grain colour Brown seeds in spiny capsules Oil content 50-51% Maturity of main spike 95-105 Days Full […]


  Product Details: Season Rabi season Plant Height Medium long plant height and branches starts from bottom of plant. The result is an Abundance of branches & flowering Behaviours of plant In the proportion of very, very passionate About spreading plant. Leaves colour Dark green Grain Size & Colour Medium Size & light yellow green […]