Production & Processing


Atmosphere plays an important role in the production of good quality seeds. We know, which type of land is best suitable for particular seeds to grow & get high production out of it. We conduct information programs for farmers in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Andra Pradesh to share latest techniques with farmers, that helps them to understand various types of seeds and their techniques. We help them to understand basic requirements and latest techniques to get best out of their available facilities. We also help them to get finance according to their needs. Our expert team and R&D department takes care of all the facilities and latest information farmers need.

Production of all foundation seeds and breeder takes place under our R&D department & our production fields.


Seeds received from production fields are often contains high moisture, traced, and off-size seeds. We remove off-size seeds, moistures, clean them and categorize them based on their quality. All these processes follows strict standard in truly scientific manner.

We strictly follows the different processing modules like conditioning, drying, cleaning, grading, shining, shorting, and packing. Our processing area is about 54000 sq. ft. with a total production capacity about 3000 Mt. par year .The plant having latest machineries and equipments to process seed.

Our experts team check each and every detail for quality of the seeds during various stage of processing. For quality assurance, we send all seed to our R&D department. We make sure the resulting seeds are in best quality before we package them.

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